Published August 17th, 2011 by Mliesie

The countdown has started!!

Next week, Friday, I will be leaving for Yulin again. Just like I did 5 years ago for VSO. Again I’m off with a mission,  although a little different from then… I will be teaching at my old college again, with my ‘old’ collegues and live in my ‘old’ apartment. I will have many of the same ‘old’ friends, although most of them have graduated by now, have a job, some are even married and have a child. Unfortunately there will also be people missing; they have either moved on to other places or other countries and one very special friend has left us for a ‘better’ place. She will always be in our hearts though. As I have been travelling back and forth over the last 3 years, it will be a bit like coming home…

 Now there’s also another mission…. the Mooncake Foundation. This coming year we will really need to prove ourselves, bond with the orphanage and make some dreams come true. We have started the long-term fostercare programme, together with Care for Children in Beijing, we will have our first Chinese employee, there will be volunteers, graduates and interns over from Holland to work for Mooncake and thus train the nannies in the orphanage, the fosterfamilies who take care of our “mooncakes” and our little “mooncakes” themselves. Last but not least we hope to establish a close relationship with AGAPE and with their help and hopefully others, set up a ‘Special Needs Center’ … one of our dreams.

This blog will mostly be about my personal experiences, as it used to before. My adventures, frustrations and hilarious experiences in China. Let me take you along during this journey and put a smile on your face and try to make you apperciate China and the Chinese as much as I do.

Most, if not all, related to Mooncake Foundation you will be able to read about on in the Newsletters.


Come along!!